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YOU'RE A PASSIONATE Online business women READY TO SCALE YOUR BUSINESS TO FULL TIME AND BEYOND. But it can feel unbelievably frustrating when your trying to figure out the marketing side of things on your own. Then there is the uncertainty of what you need to be doing next to help you achieve your goals.

It’s like trying to solve a puzzle that's missing pieces. 

I can bet you go through many hours trying to figure out what works best for your business. You've even joined a few craft courses and downloaded freebies in hopes to get some insight. If you follow social media, you probably heard phrases like, "you need more engagement", "start a Facebook Group", "you need a website or grow your email".

And the list goes on and on…It can make your head spin!

Trust me, I used to feel the same way when I started my handmade and coaching business. I tried everything and was even up at 5am to post in various Facebook groups! Yes, I was up before the roosters!

This lead with little to no customers and I kept saying to myself..."This can't be right, having a business shouldn't feel like a chore".

I believe in my heart that having an online business should be a pleasure. If you don't enjoy what you do, then why do it...Right?!

So I came up with a strategy and built an online presence to reach the level of visibility to attract clients and get sales in both businesses.

If You're.......

*Ready to start or scale your handcraft business but feel stuck because you just don't know where to start

* Tired of spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to get your products noticed so you get more sales

*Tired of juggling all the things on your own and you're ready for a clear process to get you there.

* Ready to drive more traffic to your business

Then lets dive into your business together! Why not have a Business Strategy Coach in your corner who has been in the industry for over a combined 32+ years, that will guide you and even share some proven strategies that has helped grow her own Coaching & handmade business. 

I take running an online business  very seriously and I mission is to help you succeed. When working together, we will create a step-by-step strategy to gain customer noticeability and get the sales you deserve.   

If You're Ready to move your business forward with more ease and get your products into the hands of the people who can't wait to buy....Then Let's Work Together!


If You're Ready to.....

  • Get Sales by using Organic Engagement 

  • Build a Following and Business Relationship

  • Attract & Get Customers with Ease

Grab my FREE 10 Tips strategy to Get Customers

Hi There!

I'm Talena, a home décor crafter, author and business strategy coach.

I help Ambitious Creative Crafters create actionable techniques to organically market their business for More Noticeability and Sales.


I bet you're doing a little bit of everything (social media, content creation, marketing etc.) but can't figure out how to gain traction to find customers and get sales.

Now Imagine....

Feeling like you know Exactly how to spend your time day-to-day, and week-to-week!

I’m taking over  32+ years combined coaching & product base experience to help you create a business and life that works for you!

 If You're Ready….to create a strategic plan to build your business on your terms...


Get individualized guidance in the unique stage of your crafting journey


Get private coaching with me and create a strategy that fits you and your business. This is for Unstoppable Creatives who are tired of going in circles and Ready to Get Noticeability & Sales.

Your Business Success is my success.


Offering 1 DAY OR 1 WEEK Voxer Coaching Sessions for Women on The Go!

This is for YOU if you're a busy woman on the go and don’t have time sit in front of a computer all day.

You Get coaching at Your Pace & Time!

Membership & Group Coaching

Coming Soon!


Talena was such a pleasure to work with". I have gained 22 new potential customers and 7 sales in just a week of following advice and instructions".

~Misi L. of Cantu Creations

Thanks to Talena, I have learned so many awesome tips and tricks for making my business successful. Trust her as your Business Coach, you will not be disappointed"!

~Joann R. of Melts Amore

Talena is wonderful! Thanks to her suggestion, I rebranded my reusable water balloons. I’ve already had more engagement than I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to get deeper into the marketing materials.

~J. Anderson



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