Hello Again,

Yes, this is me cheesing over my first book!

I was so excited and couldn’t believe I wrote my first craft book. I still sometimes pinch myself when I think about all the wonderful years of having my business. I'm so grateful and amazed!

I've been an online entrepreneur for over 32+ years and been on both sides of the business: as a coach and product-based business owner.

As a Business Strategy Coach for women I offer:

🔸 Expert guidance to reach your goals and make money doing what you love. 
🔸 Tailored strategies to market your services effectively. 
🔸 Assistance in developing a solid business plan aligned with your vision. 
🔸 Support in expanding your reach through online platforms and collaborations. 
🔸Brick & Mortar Experience
🔸Start up and Expansion of your online business
🔸Social Media & Marketing Strategies
🔸Knowledgeable skills to grow your customer base
🔸Organic Marketing for Growth and Noticeability
A little tidbit about me~

Have you had a dream that you wanted to achieve but just didn't know how to do it? This happened to me when I walked into a gift shop and fell in love! I was in total amazement but deep down I felt it was out of reach. I think we all have that fear of not getting what we want. 
But my mom instilled in me to never give up and years later. I opened up that that gift shop!  
Then I embarked on another journey and became a Business strategy coach. My years in coaching has been so rewarding and have built a connection with my clients that goes past just coaching them. 

What I love most about coaching is that my clients still reach out to me just to ask a question.....And I love it! 
If you are ready to get over that feeling that you need to do all....Then we are a great fit!

Oh I almost forgot to share my shop.....Here she is! I was big on the color mustard back then. Now looking back...wow she was a bright color. 🤣
This was the scariest journey I ever took. Yet the experience has brought me to where I am now. 
Sometimes we fear the unknown but its the unknown that could lead us to a greater success in business.

Ways I can Support You and Your Business


Get individualized guidance to help you take your business to the next level.

Voxer Business Intensive
1-Day Voxer Coaching for Women on the Go! 
This is for YOU if you're a busy woman on the go and don’t have time sit in front of a computer all day.

Content Blue Print Strategy
 A 6 week group coaching program where I help you write content that attracts clients and gets sales


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