For Passionate Handcrafters Who Want To

Sell More & Hustle Less

~You’re a maker who is an expert in your craft ~

...except it seems harder than it should be to get customers to buy

You know that you can sell your craft because you’ve already done it: family members, friends, and the local craft shows. On top of that you are blocking out time on the calendar, trying to create posts on social media but they hardly get reach or commented on. It can feel unbelievably frustrating when your trying to figure out the marketing side of things on your own.

I can bet you go through many hours trying to figure out what works best for your business. You've even joined a few online courses and downloaded freebies in hopes to get some insight. If you follow social media, you probably heard phrases like, "you need more engagement", "start a Facebook Group", "get a website", " launch a membership" or "grow your email".

Then there is the uncertainty of what needs to be done next to help you achieve your goals and make sales. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle that's missing pieces. 

Marketing shouldn't feel scary, overwhelming, or icky. You want to get your products out there to get customers and sales, but you can't be in all places at once.


Having a strategy allows you to lead your business with heart based marketing that not only works, but nurtures and builds your audience.

As a busy creative woman you want to run your business without working harder or sacrificing your lifestyle.

Working with me allows you to organically market your business and create a social media strategy , so you spend more time working on what you love most.

Sounds pretty exciting, doesn't it?!

If You're.......

* Tired of spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to get your products noticed so you get more sales

* Ready for a clear marketing strategy for your handmade business – and a way to sell more of your work

*Ready to have a customer list full of people who can’t wait to hear about – and buy – your new product launches and collections

*Ready to create a Strategy so you can stop juggling all the things on your own and create a clear process to get you started

Let's Work Together so you can move your business forward and Rock Your Business like a Social Media Queen!

Hey There Creative Queen!

I'm Talena your online Business Strategy Coach!

I've been in this industry for over a combined 32+ years and worked with many online handcraft women, just like you!

Through my years of experience, I'm able to help my clients achieve the results they want.

I bet you're doing a little bit of everything (social media, content creation, marketing etc.) but can't figure out how to gain traction to attract customers or get sales.

Now Imagine....

Feeling like you know Exactly how to spend your time day-to-day, and week-to-week!

I’m taking my combined coaching and product-based experience to help you scale your business; so you can create an Organic Marketing strategy that feels good to you!

I Offer...

Strategic Business Coaching for Online Handmade Creatives who are ready to create a Strategy that fits your business!


Get private coaching with me and create a strategy that fits you and your business. This is for Unstoppable Women who are tired of going in circles and Ready to Attract Customers, Get Noticeability & Sales.

Your Business Success is my success.


Offering 1 DAY Voxer Coaching Sessions for Women on The Go!

This is for YOU if you're a busy woman on the go and don’t have time sit in front of a computer all day.

You get coaching at Your Pace & Time!


Coming Soon!

If You're Ready to....

*Get Sales by using Organic Engagement 

*Build a Following and Business Relationship

*Attract & Get Customers with Ease

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Talena was such a pleasure to work with". I have gained 22 new potential customers and 7 sales in just a week of following advice and instructions".

~Misi L. of Cantu Creations

Thanks to Talena, I have learned so many awesome tips and tricks for making my business successful. Trust her as your Business Coach, you will not be disappointed"!

~Joann R. of Melts Amore

Talena is wonderful! Thanks to her suggestion, I rebranded my reusable water balloons. I’ve already had more engagement than I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to get deeper into the marketing materials.

~J. Anderson

I gained so much knowledge and inspiration from Talena. She is a very knowledgeable, experienced, patient, and inspiring coach! I felt seen, heard, and supported by Talena.

I would recommend her to other creative small business owners who need support and want to learn ways to move toward more success in their small businesses.

~K. S Precht



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