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Whether starting a new handcraft business or having an existing business your main goal is to get sales.

I will be sharing insight on various ways to market your craft business. Being in this industry for over 3 decades, I wanted to give back and help others make money doing what they love!

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Ep 1: How to Find a Niche for Your business

Starting a Handmade Business
December 26, 20221 min read


You see it all over the internet and how we all need to find our niche. Well what the heck is a niche?!! That was a question I asked myself when I first started my online business over 3 decades ago. Now that I think about it, I didn't quite understand the meaning of a niche until a few years later. But that is for another episode.

When it comes to starting a business the first step is to find out what is your special gift. Everyone has a gift they are born with, trust me... you have one too. Its just a matter of finding out what you love doing and then figure out a way to make money from it.

In this episode I will go over a few ways to figure out your niche. And once you figure out what that niche is, turn it into a profitable online business.
So lets figure out what yours is and get you started. 


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