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Whether starting a new handcraft business or having an existing business your main goal is to get sales.

I will be sharing insight on various ways to market your craft business. Being in this industry for over 3 decades, I wanted to give back and help others make money doing what they love!

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Ep 6: Four Tips to Attract Clients and Get Customer Sales

January 01, 20231 min read

Ep 6:

In business we all want the exact steps that is going to help us grow our business. Yet trying to get those steps can be overwhelming because no one wants to give away their secrets. Well, I'm ready to spill the beans so to speak on how to Attract Clients for New Coaches and get customers and I will share the strategy I used to get customers for my crafting business too.

Remember, in any business everything takes time. 


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Talena Bacon

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