"I Help CREATIVE CRAFTERS create an Organic Marketing, 
      strategy that works, so they can Grow their business & Get Sales

Hey Amazing Creative Queen! 

Crafting a creative journey can sometimes feel like navigating a vast landscape filled with endless possibilities. Waking up with a mind buzzing with ideas is both thrilling and a bit overwhelming, right? I totally understand the need to nurture the natural growth of your craft business.

You're the creative powerhouse, pouring your heart into your work, but finding the right path for organic marketing might be a puzzle. The struggle is real, but hey, you're not alone in this journey. I've been through those challenges, the excitement, and that burning desire to truly make an impact.

Organic marketing is like our not-so-secret weapon. It's not just about posting; it's about creating a movement that transforms those likes into actual sales. Let's craft a roadmap together to turn your passion into a thriving business!

In your craft business journey, organic marketing is key, but the info overload can be overwhelming. Let's cut through the noise and craft a strategy that's uniquely yours! 
You feel overwhelmed because you simply don't have actionable steps that will help you get real results and make money online
Feeling a bit lost on how to market your craft business effectively? Let's find clarity together.

How Would it feel if you ....

Build and grow your audience to turn them into Paid Customers
Feeling so aligned with your business that Making money becomes Easier because you finally found what works for you!
Have crystal clarity making it easier to know your priorities and achieve your goals

Sounds pretty exciting, doesn't it?!🥰 


I join forces with Amazing Crafters like yourself, tackling that overwhelming feeling of trying to get everything done by weaving in some organic marketing strategies. 

 Hello Unstoppable Creators
 I'm Talena, your new business strategy coach and creative confidante.

 I'm passionate about helping you gain clarity in your business journey, navigating the world of organic marketing with a sprinkle of creativity. When I'm not deep in strategy sessions, you'll find me in my craft room creating new ideas. 
Whether you're just starting out or leveling up, I'm excited you're here. 
Let's create a strategy that not only boosts your crafting sales but also allows you to lead with Heart-Based Marketing.

Ready to take the first step? Let's chat! 

Here's Some Ways we can Navigate Your craft success


Elevate Your Online Presence: Get the lowdown on how to boost your brand, making it visible to a crowd that's as excited about crafts as we are.
"1:1 coaching for creative women ready to turn their passion into profit and build the business of their dreams."
From Studio to Storefront
My 4 Week Boutique & Wholesale Strategy Program – your ticket to getting your products into Gift Shops!
Client Love

Talena was such a pleasure to work with". I have gained 22 new potential customers and 7 sales in just a week of following advice and instructions".

~Misi L. of Cantu Creations

Thanks to Talena, I have learned so many awesome tips and tricks for making my business successful. Trust her as your Business Coach, you will not be disappointed"!

~Joann R. of Melts Amore
I gained so much knowledge and inspiration from Talena. She is a very knowledgeable, experienced, patient, and inspiring coach! I felt seen, heard, and supported by Talena.
I would recommend her to other creative small business owners who need support and want to learn ways to move toward more success in their small businesses.
~K. S Precht

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