What is Considered a Good Craft Show?!

What is Considered a Good Craft Show?!
When it comes to finding that perfect craft show, ladies, I know it's a question that keeps many of us up at night. We all dream of that one show that not only lets our handmade creations shine but also fills our purses with joy. Picture this: stumbling upon not one but two fantastic events, one in the vibrant spring and the other in the cozy arms of fall. Now, here's a little secret - I've often wondered if the show's entry fee is the key to its success. To be honest, it's a bit of a puzzle. I once joined a show that only set me back $35 and left with a pocketful of happiness!

But, my fellow creative souls, it's not about relying on pure luck. I've had my share of hits and misses, and I wouldn't want you to make the same mistakes I did. So, here are six invaluable gems of wisdom to make your craft show journey a little smoother:

Show Up in Person: Yes, that's right, go and see it for yourself. Feel the vibe, experience the energy, and let your creative senses guide you.

Budget It Out: List down every penny you might spend, from booth fees to travel and accommodation. This is essential for your crafty financial planning.

Look at the Crowds: Pay attention to the foot traffic. A bustling show is a great sign, but remember, more visitors also mean more competition. It's all about finding your balance.

Years in the Game: An established show might have a loyal following, but don't overlook the potential of newer shows. Sometimes, hidden gems are waiting to be discovered. 
The main questions I would ask would be:
a. How many years have the show been in production?
b. Where do you advertise? 
c. What is the attendance level?
d. Do you require a business license?
e.  How is the security? (Only if show is more than one day) 
Setting Matters: Where the show is matters. Is it in a charming downtown, an artsy district, or a convention center? Think about what complements your unique creations. 
Look around the surrounding area for the show. Would your customers venture out to this location? How is parking? Are their visible signs displayed around the show? Will your customers be able to find you? 
Will you be near a booth that compliments your crafts:
For example: If you sell jewelry that is displayed in a glass showcase and you are near a vendor that sells 
balloon shaped animals for children, then you can already imagine the outcome.

Does Your Craft Belong: This is the heart of it all. Does your handmade magic match the vibe and the audience of the show? You want your handmade creations to sparkle in the right spotlight. 
Again, if you are a jewelry designer then it would not be wise to do a country craft show. Of course you may come across a show where they are looking for that one jewelry designer, then by all means take it. Image being the only one there selling jewelry. I think that is a great opportunity for you and increases your chances of making a good profit. 
Remember in our world of crafting, success is a mix of careful research, a dash of intuition, and just a pinch of serendipity. As you embark on your craft show adventures, keep these tips close to your heart. Go on, make magic, and let your creativity light up those craft shows! 
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