Hello Again,

Yes, this is me cheesing over my first book!

I was so excited and couldn’t believe I wrote my first craft book. I still sometimes pinch myself when I think about all the wonderful years of having my business. I'm so grateful and amazed!

Of course I didn’t wake up and say “ I want to be a business strategy coach”. Truth be told I wanted to be a body builder. I saw a contest on television and was determined to be famous..

So I started lifting weights in high school and my mom noticed a change in me. That’s when she stopped me in my tracks and said “You need to stop it right now, your arms are starting to look like a man.

Yes, those were her exact words. lol

So I stopped! I continued with school and soon earned my BBA in management, got a good job in the accounting field but still felt something was missing.

Have you ever walked into a gift shop and felt totally at home. Everything felt right and you take that deep breathe and imagine you owned the store.

This happened to me and I said to myself…”One day I’m going to have this”. It became a strong passion of mine and I never stopped going about my dream.

Yet I knew I had to start somewhere so I opened my first website for $20 and my entrepreneurial path began. After some time, I opened my own gift shop! (That was my first gift shop below)

I used to dream about working for myself, but I was worried that I would not have what it takes to run a business. To this day I still tell my story about how the big "F" word nearly stopped me from having a business.

"Fear" can be a tough on all of us but you can't let it stop you from your Passion! I realized that no one was stopping me but me!

So, I jumped in with both feet and now run two successful online businesses.

This picture below was my gift shop. I was into the primitives and the mustard colors.

There is Creative Passion In All of Us!

During my entrepreneurial journey I would see women refuse to help others in business. I used to ask for help and was told I was trying to steal their secrets. This broke my heart because I believe there is room in this industry for everyone!

So this lead me on the wonderful path of coaching and I totally fell in love with it! So now I use my combined 32+ years of Business Coaching & Product based experience to help other creative women start and grow their own successful business!


☑️Brick & Mortar Experience

☑️Social Media & Marketing Strategies

☑️Knowledgeable skills to grow your customer base

☑️Time Management Skills

☑️Organic Marketing for Growth and Noticeability

I provide over 3 decades of business expertise to help you present your business in the best light with techniques that you can implement right away!

I love what I do and can't wait to support you and Your Business!

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